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Isra Sravenheart

Isra Sravenheart

Her Dark Love

A young witch faces the ultimate betrayal, by author Isra Sravenheart


Seventeen-year-old Isra joins Wingdom's Academy of Ancient Magic, to develop her witchcraft skills. She meets another young witch, Everilda, and the two soon become good friends. As they settle into school, the two young women have fun tormenting Magnus Wingdom, the Head Warlock of the school. One evening, whilst enjoying a walk in the forest, Isra encounters a mysterious young man, named Jonathan. Isra learns that Jonathon is the son of the King, but has lost his entitlement to the throne, in favour of his brother, Prince Valien. Isra and Jonathon develop a close connection, and they meet in secret at every opportunity. Unbeknownst to Isra, Jonathan is already in a relationship with her friend Everilda.


When Isra discovers the betrayal, she is heartbroken. Then, when she learns that Jonathan is under a fateful curse and forever bound to Everilda, she is enraged. Little does Isra know, she is part of a dark prophecy that has not yet been realised. According to the prophecy, Isra will turn dark and become ‘Lady Isra of the Dark’. ‘Light bringer’, Astrid is tracking her every move, concerned her heartbreak might unleash her darkness. But, with no hope to salvage her friendship with Everilda, and no chance of a reconciliation with Jonathan, Isra sets out on revenge. Will Isra turn dark and release her darkness on the world? And can the light bringers, keep her on the light path?


Her Dark Love, by Isra Sravenheart, is a dark fantasy fiction novel, and part of the Dark Spell Series. I understand Her Dark Love is a prequel to the other books in the series, and tells the back stories of the main characters. This is a gripping novel, which starts slowly but quickly builds momentum, as the characters and their relationships develop over the course of the story. This is an original concept, with a magical fantasy world, interesting characters, and an intriguing plot. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but I was captivated and would love to read more about Isra, and how her character develops following this prequel. The book will appeal to adults and young adult readers, who enjoy dark fantasy fiction.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A gripping novel, set within a magical fantasy world, with interesting characters, and an intriguing plot.

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