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Glendall C Jackson III

Glendall C Jackson III

Naked Came the Detective

An escort turned super sleuth, investigates the mysterious death of a client.


An unnamed high-end escort entertains a wealthy, high profile client in a hotel room in Washington DC. The next day her client, Ben, is found bludgeoned to death in an alleyway just outside the hotel. The police believe his death was a mugging gone awry, but the escort believes there is something strange about the case. As she continues her business in Washington’s luxury hotels, she takes it upon herself to investigate the case. She questions her friends and clients, and learns that Ben was an unscrupulous businessman running an illegal Ponzi scheme. As she tends to her regular clients, she learns that many of them had invested, and lost, large amounts of money in Ben’s ‘business’. Her clients, including a lawyer and the medical examiner, are reluctant to talk, but she uses her skills of seduction to tease out important information about Ben’s life and business dealings.  Any one of her clients could be a potential suspect in his murder, but the police continue to stick to their mugging theory.

When she returns back to the hotel where Ben was killed, she recognises a familiar number plate, and gets the feeling she is being watched. As she starts to look closer to home and her own relationships, she soon finds herself right in the middle of the investigation. With her life in grave danger, she develops an elaborate plot to expose the killer.

Naked Came the Detective by author Glendall C Jackson III is a cosy mystery novella, with a sexy twist. Set within the sex industry and the business world of Washington DC, the story focuses on the brutal murder of a well-known businessman. The unnamed protagonist is an escort with a sharp mind and a mysterious past, who is unwittingly thrust into the role of an amateur detective. Fuelled by a mixture of grief and curiosity, she is determined to unravel the mystery behind his death. This is a compelling and gripping mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The narrative is fast paced with plenty of twists and turns, and Jackson’s exploration of the sex industry is both respectful and enlightening.

This is a short novella at just 100 pages, and I devoured it in a single setting.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A compelling and gripping mystery novella, with a sexy twist.

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