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Geoff Spellberg

Geoff Spellberg

Escape From Hawaii

A love affair, and a battle for supremacy, on the islands of Hawaii.

In the late 1700’s, Jake Attucks, a former Captain in the Continental Army, sails to the Hawaiian islands, on board the ship Columbia. He is fleeing his home in New York, following the death of his younger brother, Tad, who was tragically killed on the battlefield. Still grieving the death of his brother, and seeking redemption from his parents, who blame him for Tad’s death, Jake hopes to make his fortune in the Pacific North fur trade. After a violent incident on board the Columbia,  Jake is thrown off the ship and abandoned on the island of Maui. When the natives learn of Jake’s weapon-making skills, they are keen to befriend him and learn his skills. The Chief of Maui is preparing for war against the Chief of Hawaii, who has ambitions to take over the entire archipelago. The Chief of Maui sets Jake up with a forge and two assistants, to make weapons for the impending war. Jake settles into village life, but he is forced to work and fight for the Chief, to stay on the island. Jake meets Leilani, a member of the Maui royal family. The couple fall in love, and Jake is adopted into the Maui royal family, so they can marry.  Jake learns that Leilani was stolen from her family on the island of Hawaii and is being held captive on Maui against her will. She hopes one day to escape and return home to her blood family in Hawaii.  As the Maui and Hawaiin Chief's prepare for battle, Jake and Leilani have an important decision to make. Will they fight for Maui, or will they risk their lives and try to escape to Leilani’s homeland in Hawaii?

Escape From Hawaii by author Geoff Spellberg is a historical fiction novel set on the beautiful, tropical islands of Hawaii in the late 1700’s. This is an insightful and fascinating novel, inspired by real events, following Captain Cook’s discovery of the islands in 1778. The book tells the story of the battle of supremacy between two island Chiefs, and the interference of foreign traders and settlers from Europe and Russia. At the heart of the story is a beautiful affair between two fictional characters, Jake and Leilani, who are both enslaved on the island of Maui, but unexpetedly find love in the tropical paradise.

With piracy, warfare, romance, and betrayal, this is a thoroughly enjoyable action, adventure novel not to be missed. Highly recommended for readers who enjoy historical fiction, and those with an interest in the fascinating history of Hawaii.

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A thoroughly enjoyable, historical fiction novel, set during a significant period in Hawaiian history.

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