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Gail Grant Park

Gail Grant Park

We Are Shadows An Irish Ghost Story

Three sisters use unconventional methods to solve mysteries of the past.

We Are Shadows: An Irish Ghost Story, follows three siblings, twins Moira and Deirdre Gallagher, and their younger sister Nuala. Moira has had a special connection with the Otherworld ever since her best friend died in a tragic car accident when she was just five years old. A month after her friend’s death, Moira was visited by her spirit. Soon, she was visited by the spirits of other dearly departed loved ones, including her own grandmother, Brigid. Brigid watches over her grandchildren closely and guides them through life. To capitalise on this extraordinary gift, Moira and Deidre set up Gallagher Investigations, a detective agency to investigate paranormal activity and solve mysteries of the past.

Soon, the twins are joined by their younger sister Nuala, and together the sisters investigate cold cases utilising unconventional methods. Each sister has a unique gift. As well as Moira’s ability to talk with the dead, Deirdre has many connections in the world of law and herbal medicine, and Nuala has a passion and knack for dreamwork. When they are contacted by a man named Séan Kennedy to help him solve the mystery of his family’s past, the sisters agree to take on the case.  The case opens up a whole new world of dark spirits and haunted homes, and exposes the sisters to evil forces from the Otherworld.

We Are Shadows: An Irish Ghost Story by author Gail Grant Park is a thrilling and captivating mystery novel, with a paranormal twist and a cast of strong female characters. The book is divided into four connecting parts with each part written as a short story, making this an accessible and easy to read collection for adults and younger audiences too. The main characters are beautifully developed. Each sibling has her own unique gift, and distinct personality and character. I particularly liked the strong bond between the sisters. I also enjoyed the Irish dialogue and the addition of the Irish proverbs, which capture the beautiful Irish language, lilt, and lore.  

Overall, a wonderful read, full of suspense with many unexpected twists and turns. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy mystery, drama, suspense, and paranormal stories.

Star rating:  5 Stars


Summary: The past and present collide, in this absorbing paranormal cosy mystery.

Gail Grant Park
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