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G.S. Carline

G.S. Carline

Blood Dragon Rising

An enthralling first instalment in the Dragon Shadows series, by author G.S. Carline

On the fictional Caribbean Island of Los Peces Pequeña, the French aristocracy are attempting to secure their future as rulers of the island by arranging a marriage between Lisette, the twenty-year-old daughter of the Duke and Duchess de Lille, and Eric, the son of the Count and Countess of d’Auguste. It’s Lisette’s birthday and her betrothal to Eric will be announced later that evening. Lisette isn’t too happy about marrying Eric, but she accepts the arrangement and her role as a future wife and mother within the French nobility. During the engagement, Eric suddenly announces he cannot marry Lisette, as it would jeopardize the islands relationship with Spain, and future trade opportunities. Lisette is drugged and kidnapped, and awakes a day later on board the L’Implacable, a notorious pirate ship, led by Captain Rocco.

Lisette learns that Eric and his new lover Lady Mercedes de Medina have sold her to pirates to make way for their own wedding. By uniting the d’Auguste and de Medina families they hope to secure Spanish control of the island. Their plan is to displace Lisette, kill off the remaining members of the de Lille family, and inherit the families’ wealth. Rocco confines Lisette to his cabin before delivering her to a wealthy Spanish gentleman. Lisette manages to escape, and flees back to the ship where she finds a Blood Dragon feather and develops a close connection with her Captain. She soon settles into pirate life, and learns key seafaring and combat skills, but is determined to seek revenge on those who betrayed her. Lisette learns that Captain Rocco is afflicted by an ancient curse, and turns into a Blood Dragon after dark, seeking vengeance on all those who have wronged him. But when Lisette is accidently stabbed by one of his feathers, she too becomes cursed by the ancient magic. The couple discover that their lives are inextricably bound by the ancient curse, but will their desire for vengeance destroy them or unite them?

Blood Dragon Rising is a fantasy fiction novel by author G.S. Carline, about a young woman’s fight for survival, following the ultimate betrayal of her fiancé. As a gentle noblewoman, protected from the outside world, she doesn’t stand much chance, but she develops into a strong, confident and determined woman, and a pirate you wouldn’t want to cross paths with! With a strong female protagonist, a captivating plot with an unexpected twist, and a fabulous cliff hanger that will leave readers wanting more, this book is a super, swashbuckling, fantasy adventure set on the high seas. I was fully immersed and engaged in this book, and I look forward to reading the next instalment.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A super, swashbuckling, fantasy adventure set on the high seas.

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