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Dr. Trent W. Smallwood

Dr. Trent W. Smallwood

Lethal Decree

Sebastian Storm overcomes childhood trauma to become an elite super soldier, from author Dr Smallwood.

Thirteen-year-old Sebastian Storm’s life is turned upside down when he tragically loses both of his parents within a forty-eight-hour period. First, his beloved mother is killed after apparently falling down the stairs, but Sebastian is convinced his abusive father pushed her. Sebastian is grief stricken but his father shows no emotion. Sebastian is determined to punish his father and shortly after, Sebastian’s father dies in a gruesome and equally suspicious manner. Sebastian is sent to an orphanage for a while, before he is taken in by an older friend James, and goes to live on his farm.

James mentors Sebastian and teaches him soldiering and combat skills. Sebastian channels all of his grief and energy into his combat training, and years later, he is noticed by the US government and trained to become an ‘elite super-soldier’. But, a fellow trainee, Tobias Teague, holds Sebastian responsible for his wife’s murder, and sets out to avenge her death. For years, the two men manage to avoid each other, but when Tobias plans a horrific terrorist attack, Sebastian must find a way to stop his old enemy.

Lethal Decree is a testosterone-fuelled, suspense thriller. It is an enthralling and gripping novel, filled with action and violence. Sebastian is a well-developed, complex, and likeable character, despite his sadistic tendencies. There is one particular scene that reveals the complexity of his character, when he leaves his father to die in a bear trap, but then sets a rabbit free. The book will appeal to those who enjoy gripping, suspense thrillers, but the gratuitous violence and sex scenes are not for the faint hearted.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A testosterone-fuelled, and gripping suspense thriller. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

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