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DF Kennedy

DF Kennedy

The Truth

A gripping semi-autobiographical novel, by author DF Kennedy

Dahlia Frost joins the US Air Force to escape her dysfunctional family, but during one particular mission she discovers a phobia of wearing a mask and small spaces. Unable to conquer her fears, and experiencing recurrent traumatic nightmares, Dahlia is medically retired from the Air Force. When Dahlia returns home to the US, she learns from her mother, Sylvia, the cause of her nightmares. As a child, Dahlia was abducted by her biological father, Dahmon, and driven into a lake where her father tragically drowned. Following her father’s death, her mother marries Bob, a violent man who terrorises and abuses both women. Dahlia learns she has lost six years of childhood memories and records her mother’s testimony in a journal.

Several years later, Dahlia writes Daddy Issues, an autobiographical novel based on her dysfunctional family and traumatic childhood experiences. Published under the penname of Frances Slater to protect her identity, the novel becomes a worldwide bestseller. But when Dahlia’s real identity is mysteriously exposed, she is unwittingly thrust into the limelight and back into the arms of her ex-lover, Roland, an a-list Hollywood actor. The couple rekindle their relationship, but Dahlia is tormented by a secret stalker, who seems to know much more about her past than revealed in her novel. As the stalker closes in, Dahlia finally learns the truth about her childhood, and the real cause of her father’s death.

The Truth by DF Kennedy is a tense, gripping and emotional semi-autobiographical novel, loosely based on the authors own experiences. The author successfully interweaves a story of horrific abuse and childhood trauma, with joyous, light-hearted moments of love and romance. Dahlia is a well-developed, complex character, with complex relationships. Readers will empathise with her and route for her, but will equally be frustrated by her decisions. This is the first volume in a planned series, and ends on a thrilling cliff-hanger. I can’t wait to read the next instalment in this series. The book will appeal to readers of drama fiction, suspense, and women’s fiction.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A tense, gripping and emotional semi-autobiographical novel, which successfully interweaves a story of horrific abuse and childhood trauma with a beautiful love story.

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