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David Zelman PhD

David Zelman PhD

What's Next? Get Clear & Get Going

The opportunity to create your life awaits you.


What's Next? Get Clear and Get Going, is a self-help book from author and CEO of Transitions Institute Inc, David Zelman, PhD. Based on forty years of experience teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring thousands of people, Zelman presents the Transitions Program, a unique approach to help people resolve their own problems and achieve their goals. Zelman argues that his program is different from traditional self-help programs because it encourages people to take ownership of their past and the present, to develop an enlightened relationship with their future. He argues that the key to success lies within us, we just have to learn how to unlock it. The program focuses attention on achieving both tangible (ie the things you want to achieve, such as getting a new job, or moving home) and intangible positive outcomes (ie your experiences and emotional responses to the things you are and are not accomplishing). Central to the program is the theory that people cannot focus on two distinctly different thoughts at the same time (ie positive and negative thoughts). As such, by focusing on positive thoughts, the process helps to free people from the distracting and negative thoughts that might hinder their progress.


What's Next? Get Clear and Get Going by David Zelman, PhD is a powerful and inspirational self-help book that takes readers on a journey towards self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-discovery. The book explores the power of the mind, encouraging readers to cultivate a positive, future focused outlook. Zelman draws on his own personal journey towards self-improvement, including learnings from Transcendental Meditation and Erhard Training. He presents real life stories from a number of clients he has helped throughout his career, and the tools and techniques he used to help them discover their full potential. Through following Zelman’s guidance, readers will discover their innate ability to create the life they want to live.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A powerful and inspirational self-help book that empowers readers to take control of their lives and shape their own futures.

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