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Cristiana Pinciroli

Cristiana Pinciroli

Sport : a Stage for Life - How to Connect with the Touchstones of Elite Performance and Personal Fulfillment

Lessons in sport and life from professional athlete, Cristiana Pinciroli

Sport: A Stage for Life: How to Connect with the Touchstones of Elite Performance and Personal Fulfillment is a self-help / handbook written by Cristiana Pinciroli, with her father Pedro Pinciroli Junior. Cristiana is a former professional water polo player who captained the Brazilian national team for over a decade, and her father Pedro represented Brazil at two Olympic games. Cristiana shares her memories of her father’s sporting achievements, and how his success and legacy inspired her to achieve her own goals in the sport. She shares her own personal experiences of sport, the successes and failures, the challenges and rewards, the highs and the lows. There are twelve chapters, divided into four parts (dimensions). The dimensions follow the ‘WeTeam’ method, which includes the things that motivate us, move us, and enable us to act intentionally (self-knowledge, purpose and values, and happiness). In each chapter the authors explore the key elements needed for a fuller and more successful life. They show how they applied the lessons from sport in building successful corporate careers. In addition, there are contributions from other athletes, coaches, psychologists, and academics, who share their own personal stories of the impact of sport.

This is an inspiring and captivating book which will appeal to both professional and amateur athletes, parents of athletes, sport coaches, and anyone interested in sport. It provides a fascinating insight into water polo and other sports. For water polo enthusiasts, or those new to the sport, the book provides plenty of valuable hints and tips on how to play the sport. For athletes, she provides advice and guidance on how to balance the demands and pressure of high-performance sport and other aspects of life.  The authors show how everything we learn in sport applies to life and they provide many life hacks that will help readers live a more fulfilled and happy life.


This is a well-written, and entertaining book. The writing is warm, funny, and engaging. The book demonstrates the positive role and impact of sport on individuals, and on society as a whole. It will help readers develop more positive mindsets and behaviors to live a happy and more fulfilled life.


Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An inspiring and captivating book about the positive role and impact of sport on individuals and society.

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