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Chloe AH Lewis

Chloe AH Lewis

The Covenant of Saints

A young art students life takes an extraordinary turn when she inherits a locket from her late grandfather.

Twenty-five-year-old, Nola, is a gifted Fine Arts student from Kansas City, Missouri. She returns to Lockwood Manor, the seat of her paternal family line going back three generations. Her beloved grandfather, Nolan Lockwood, has passed away and Nola wants to pay her last respects. Her uncle gives her a small white box and a letter, an early birthday present gifted by her grandfather before he died. She does not read the letter immediately, but inside the box is a locket with a black polished oval cut stone, a precious family heirloom. Returning home, Nola is attacked in an alleyway by three mysterious figures. She is helped by a stranger named Cade, who fights off the attackers. Cade breaks into Nola’s apartment and follows her to her workplace. He explains that her life is in grave danger, and he has been sent to protect her and keep her alive, as a Guardian. Nola learns that she has descended from a longline of conjurers in the ‘Unseen World.’ The three mysterious figures were Hunters, sent by the Head of the Warlock Council to retrieve her. The Hunters need Nola and her precious locket to bring the Council’s ‘Final Solution’ to fruition. The Final Solution is infinite power and immortality, and they will stop at nothing to find her. Cade takes Nola away for her own protection, where she must crossover from the ‘Mundane Society’ into the ‘Unseen World’ to protect her people – a process of ‘Ascension.’ As Nola takes in the extraordinary news, she reads the letter from her grandfather. He asks her to continue the legacy of the family’s magick and answer her ancestors’ call. Will Nola fulfil her grandfather’s final wishes? Can Nola protect her people and secure the family bloodline? And can Cade keep her safe from the demon Warlocks and Hunters?

The Covenant of Saints by author Chloe A.H. Lewis is a gripping urban fantasy fiction novel, with elements of historical fiction, romance and horror. The novel follows the journey of Nola, a gifted artist, whose life takes an extraordinary turn when she inherits a locket from her late grandfather. With multiple timelines and points of view, the past and present intertwine through the discovery of the family heirloom. This is a captivating and satisfying novel with an intriguing and multi-layered storyline, and deep, multi-dimensional characterisation. Lewis has created an exquisite slow-burner, packed full of magick and mystery. I was engrossed from cover to cover. 

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: A gem of a book, which will captivate readers with its blend of fantasy, magic, mystery, suspense and horror.

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