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Carter Fielding

Carter Fielding

Murder in the Marshes

The Blake sisters are back to solve another murder mystery.

Finley Blake is travelling home to Charleston with her life partner Max Davies for her sister’s wedding. Whitt is marrying David Quinn, and Finley is looking forward to spending time with her family and friends. Whitt has rented a stately mansion for the wedding party, and guests are due to arrive soon. As Whitt and David check the house before the guests arrival, they find a dead body wrapped inside a sleeping bag in the closet. Whitt thinks she recognises the man but cannot place him. The police are called, and a murder investigation opens when they discover the man has a blunt force trauma to the head.

Whitt and David, and the wedding party, are relocated to Whitt and Finley’s aunt’s house, while the police search the property. The body is later revealed to be Whitt and Finley’s estranged cousin, Tommy. As the wedding party settle into the house, and preparations for the wedding begin, Whitt and Finley take a trip with their parents to their rental property in Beaufort. As they examine the house that has been left empty for many years, they find another dead body. Inside an old army issue duffle bag, they find a skeleton and thousands of pounds in cash. The police are called again, and another murder investigation opens. As Whitt and David find themselves under suspicion, their upcoming wedding is put in jeopardy. As the police fail to make any progress, Whitt and Finley start their own investigation, starting with enquiries into their own family. Their investigation reveals dark family secrets, a sinister blackmail plot, and a web of deceit and lies. But as the sisters get closer to the truth, they find themselves caught up in a dangerous situation. Will the sisters find a connection between the murders? Will they identify the culprit? And will Whitt and Davids marriage go ahead?

Murder in the Marshes is the fourth instalment in the Blake Sisters Travel Mystery Series by Carter Fielding. The book sees the return of the Blake sisters, as they return home for Whitt’s wedding, and find themselves embroiled in another murder investigation. The sisters become unlikely amateur detectives as they discover not one, but two, dead bodies.

This is a gripping murder mystery, full of mystery and suspense. While the book successfully embodies the cozy mystery genre, it also explores the sisters personalities, personal lives, and relationships. This adds depth to the characters and enhances the readers emotional investment into the series.

While the book can be read as a stand-alone, readers will benefit from reading the previous books to get the full enjoyment of this cosy murder mystery series.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An enjoyable read, perfect for fans of cozy murder mystery.

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