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Carter Fielding

Carter Fielding

Murder at the Summit: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery

The fifth instalment in this captivating murder-mystery series.

Whitt Blake and her husband David Quinn are in Manila with Whitt’s sister, Finley, and her life partner Max Davies. Whitt won four days for two at a luxury spa in a benefit gala, and Finley, a travel writer, is working on an assignment about the best spas in Asia. While David and Max spend the weekend on a diving expedition, Whitt and Finley explore the luxury spa, named the Summit. The Summit is an exclusive resort spa in the hills of Manila, and a remote retreat for the rich and famous. With guests including a former Miss International and an a-list Bollywood Star, the Summit is the place to see and be seen. But on their first day at the resort, Whitt and Finley find the body of a young woman face-down in a pool at the foot of a waterfall. A murder investigation is launched when it is found the woman died in suspicious circumstances. This isn’t the first time Whitt and Finley have found themselves in a precarious situation, as they have unwittingly become entangled in several murder investigations during previous travel escapades. When a second dead body is found the next day, Whitt and Finley suspect the deaths are linked. But when a third dead body is found, the sisters worry there is a serial killer on the loose. When they meet an old friend at the resort, an undercover British detective, the sisters soon realise there is more to the story than meets the eye. Whitt and Finley are once again thrown into the depths of the investigation and the murky world of the super-rich and powerful.

Murder at the Summit: A Blake Sisters Travel Mystery is the fifth instalment of this gripping murder-mystery series, by author Carter Fielding. The series follows two sisters as they travel the world and unwittingly find themselves entangled in several murder investigations. I have read several books in the series, and thoroughly enjoyed each one. The Blake sisters are likeable and relatable characters, and I have enjoyed following their travel adventures and the development of their personal relationships. I particularly enjoyed reading about the diverse and exotic places the sisters visit, this time readers are transported to a luxury spa in the lush and picturesque hills in Manila.

Carter Fielding masterfully blends the charm of a cosy mystery, with the allure of a luxury spa setting, and the dangerous, murky world of the super-rich.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: A cosy murder mystery set in a luxury resort in the picturesque hills of Manila, with two charming amateur sleuths.

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