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C.J. Hudson

C.J. Hudson

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street

A young boy finds love with the girl next door, by author CJ Hudson

Twelve-year-old CJ lives in constant fear of his drunken, abusive father. Life at school is no better, as he is frequently tormented and bullied by other children. When CJ gets into a scrape at school, his father is enraged and beats him with his belt. But when CJ’s mother tries to intervene to protect her son, he beats her close to death, and she ends up in hospital. His father leaves the family home, and his mother later marries another equally unpleasant man, Dick. The family move to a new house on Fairhaven Street, where CJ meets his new neighbor, Danielle. Danielle’s home becomes a sanctuary for CJ, where he can escape his miserable life at home. CJ and Danielle become inseparable, but their parents dismiss their relationship as ‘puppy love.’

As the love between CJ and Danielle grows, CJs mother announces she is seeking full custody of CJ, and the family are moving from Florida to Michigan. CJ is distraught when he has to leave Fairhaven Street, and he promises to wait for Danielle and return back to Florida when he can. CJ soon settles into school in Michigan, and meets new friends, but misses Danielle and dreams of the day when they can be reunited. Eight years later, following his graduation, CJ returns to Florida to try and track down Danielle. Will CJ find Danielle? Will Danielle remember her childhood sweetheart? And will the couple rekindle their relationship?

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street is a beautifully written, heart-breaking, and poignant memoir by author CJ Hudson. Written for his sons, CJ Hudson tells the story of his troubled life, the abuse he suffered as a child from his father and school bullies, and the depression he experienced throughout his life. But this is also a story about love and hope, how the love he found from the girl next door, and other significant people in his life, including his grandma and his karate teacher, helped him move forward and break the cycle of violence and abuse. There is an unexpected twist towards the end of the book, which brings a whole new and slightly disturbing perspective to the story.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautifully written, heart-breaking, and poignant memoir about love and hope.

C.J. Hudson
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