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Bill Canady

Bill Canady

The 80/20 CEO Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days

A business playbook by author and global business executive Bill Canady.

The 80/20 CEO: Take Command of Your Business in 100 Days is a business playbook by author and businessman Bill Canady. Canady created an operating system for business – the Profitable Growth Operating System – designed to turn a business around in one hundred days, using the 80/20 principle. The 80/20 principle (also known as the Pareto Principle) is a rule in business that maintains that just 20 percent of what you do or spend generates 80 percent of your revenue. Divided into three parts, the first part describes the Profitable Growth Operating System, the second part focuses on the first one hundred days in a leadership role, and the third part discusses the long-term strategy required for sustained success.


Canady’s story is remarkable. He describes his upbringing, growing up ‘dirt poor’ on a farm in southeastern North Carolina, and how he rose to success as a global business executive through hard work and determination. Canady’s operating system is based on his own personal experience of leading multi-million-dollar companies. Over a thirty-year period, Canady generated significant profitable growth for several companies. He uses his insight, business expertise, and knowledge of other management practices (including strategy, talent management, lean methods, and mergers and acquisitions) to provide a comprehensive roadmap for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Canady provides a wealth of information, and practical tools and tips that readers can implement in their own business. Each chapter is filled with expert advice and examples from the real world of business. Canady’s style is engaging, entertaining and easy to understand, making the book accessible to readers of all levels of business expertise.

Overall, an inspirational and practical guide to business success for aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders, or anyone interested in business.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A comprehensive and valuable resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Bill Canady
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