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Ben Merrick

Ben Merrick

Where the Valley Meets the Sky

A fantasy tale about a nomadic clan, and their fight for survival.

The nomadic, Achare clan, find their promised land and settle on a sheltered area on the plain of Kalanos. They live in relative peace, but their homes and existence remain under constant threat from neighbouring, warring clans. The Achare clan’s beliefs are steeped in superstition, and they distrust anyone who has survived a near death experience. As a young boy Rennik nearly lost his life in a drowning incident. He is feared and ostracised by his fellow clan members. Following his father’s untimely death, young Rennik is forced to grow up quickly and take responsibility for his mother and younger brother. At age eighteen, Rennik is a quiet, independent, young man and a talented hunter, who provides for his family but continues to be shunned by the community.  When the Achare people are threatened by the warring clans, Rennik is forced to leave behind his mother and brother, to track down and hunt the enemy. He is sent out with a scouting party of the best Achare fighters, to assess the threat. As Rennik and the scouting party journey into the unknown, they are ambushed by neighbouring clans. Rennik survives the attack and manages to escape back to the village. But on his return, Rennik is thrust into a battle for leadership, where he must decide whether the clan should stay in their promised land or return back to a nomadic lifestyle.

Where the Valley Meets the Sky, by author Ben Merrick, is an epic fantasy tale of a peaceful nomadic clan, and their relentless struggle for survival in the settlement they call their promised land. This is a captivating coming of age story about one clan member, a quiet and unassuming young man, who is reluctantly thrust into a leadership position.  The book follows his journey from outcast to inspiring leader, as he attempts to lead his family and community out of danger.

With superb storytelling and brilliant characterisation, this is an impressive fantasy fiction novel that packs more than a punch. A must read for any fantasy fiction enthusiast.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: An epic fantasy fiction novel, about the relentless struggle for survival amongst a peaceful, nomadic clan. Superbly written by Ben Merrick.

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