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Ashley Porsche Bugge

Ashley Porsche Bugge

The Ocean is Calling

A poignant memoir of love and loss, beautifully written by author Ashley Porsche Bugge

Thirty-five-year-old Brian James Bugge, sailor, explorer, naval officer, and diver, died tragically in a scuba diving accident in Hawaii on May 20, 2018, leaving behind his two young children, Izzy and Hudson, and wife, Ashley, pregnant with their third child, Adeline. Ashley is heartbroken, as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her beloved husband, best friend and soul mate. Brian was stationed in Hawaii as a US Naval Officer, and the family had built a beautiful home and incredible life on the paradise island. But, with memories and visions of Brian on every part of the island, Ashley is unable to stay in their family home. Just three weeks after Brian’s funeral, Ashley packs up her life and moves with the children to Boise, Idaho, with Brian’s sister, Nikki, and her family.

Ashley is stricken with grief and struggles to eat, sleep and drink. She cannot see a future without Brian, and contemplates ending her own life. As her health deteriorates, Ashley is diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and hospitalised. At thirty-five weeks, Ashley is induced early, and baby Adeline is born safely in July 2018. The next few months are hard for Ashley, as she learns how to cope with new motherhood without her ‘tried and true.’ Ashley is determined to pull through and knows she must find something to look forward to. So, she decides to plan an epic trip to Europe, including seven countries in eight weeks. Several months later, with her best friend Kasey, nanny Kayla, and three young children in tow, the party embark on a European adventure of a lifetime. The trip is an opportunity for fun and adventure, but also allows time for Ashley to heal and recover, as she fondly remembers Brian and scatters his ashes in the ocean of each country she visits. Returning home, Ashley is comforted by a letter from one of Brian’s organ donor recipients and she deposits his remaining ashes in the dive site where he tragically lost his life.

The Ocean is Calling is a poignant memoir, beautifully written by Ashley Porsche Bugge, wife of Brian who tragically lost his life in a scuba diving accident. Ashley writes about their life together, and his tragic death, with such openness and tenderness. She describes the impact of his death on her health and life with pure, raw emotion. The scenes she describes when she first learnt about his death, said goodbye in the hospital, carried his urn through the airport, and contemplated her own life, are truly heart-breaking.

This book is a beautiful and loving tribute, to a man well loved. I’m sure it will provide much comfort to Brian’s family and friends, and his children as they grow older and start to process their own grief. It will help them to remember his life was a life well-lived. It will help them to remember what an extraordinary woman their mother was to overcome such unimaginable pain and loss, and their amazing travels through Europe. The book will provide hope to anyone who has lost a loved one, that even in the darkest of times, one can find happiness.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautiful and loving tribute, to a man well loved.

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