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Angela White

Angela White

Stopping Time: Life After War

Another thrilling instalment in the Stopping Time series, from author Angela White

Marc and the mission team have left the protection of the Safe Haven Refugee Camp, to stop the great reset following the nuclear war. Leaving behind Angela, his pregnant wife, and leader of the Safe Haven, to maintain law and order on the island. As news arrives that Marc and his team have been captured, imprisoned, and brutally tortured, Angela faces increasing pressure to rescue the mission team, from her son, Charlie, and other camp members. Tensions rise and a rage illness spreads throughout the camp, threatening the survival of the entire community.

Before Angela will agree to send a team to rescue Marc, she must first be assured that her leadership team are ready to lead, and that the community will follow their orders. As Angela prepares her leaders, she embarks on a cunning plan to give the ‘normals’ the freedoms they desire. She hopes that with greater freedom, they will make bad decisions and turn on each other, which will destabilise the community. If her plan is successful, the ‘normals’ will understand the benefit of the controls that have been imposed on them, and will succumb to the leaders demands. But as Angela’s plan unfolds, an adored camp member, Samantha, is kidnapped and taken off the island. Angela and the Eagles must leave the island to find Samantha and bring the kidnapper to justice. Angela knows that Samantha is simply the bait, and that she is the real target, but puts herself in danger to rescue her friend. Ultimately, their mission to bring Samantha home will be a crucial test of any future attempt to rescue Marc. Will Angela find Samantha and bring her home? Will the kidnapper capture his real target? And how will the camp fare, when their esteemed and feared leader is away from the island?

Stopping Time: Life After War, is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction novel, and the seventeenth book in the Stopping Time series from author Angela White. Life After War is an intense and high energy book with a gripping and thrilling plot. Angela has built a rich and imaginative post-apocalyptic world with strong, complex, well-developed characters. Angela’s writing is intricate, but easy to read. The plot is complex, fast paced, and full of action. With many twists and turns, the book will keep readers on the edge of their seats. This is a mammoth read, which will appeal to committed readers of this series and fans of this genre.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Life After War is an intense and high energy book with a gripping and thrilling plot.

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