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Angel A

Angel A

Holy Parrot

Can a young teen convince her village she is the mother of the new Christ?

Leonard (Leo) Lumière, a twenty-one-year-old Australian and science student from Melbourne University, is working in a laboratory in a small village in Buritaca, on Colombia's Caribbean coast. He is studying why the local people have longer than average life-expectancy, when he meets a young woman named Maria Santos.  Maria, a naive but strong-willed sixteen-year-old, confides in Leo that she is pregnant. She agrees to help Leo find the ‘elixir of life’, in exchange for a pregnancy test. Maria seeks refuge in Leo’s lab when her father is furious by her pregnancy.  Maria and Leo develop a close friendship, and Leo becomes embroiled in the family drama that unfolds.

Leo conducts the test and confirms she is pregnant; however, Maria claims she is a virgin. She declares that she was told by a holy parrot name Garbriel that she was to be the mother of the new Christ. Her parents and many villagers believe her story and shower her with gifts and lots of attention. Others are not convinced, including Leo, and suspect a local boy named Pablo is the father. Her father shares the news, and the world descends on the village to worship Maria and the parrot.  As Maria continues to stand by her story, the book explores the connection between religion and science, and the human experience.

Holy Parrot by author Angel A is a unique and original fiction novel, about a pregnant teenager named Maria who is convinced she will be the mother of the new Christ. The story is told from the perspective of Leo, an Australian student who meets Maria and becomes her protector as the world descends on the small Colombia village to worship the virgin mother-to-be. This is a fresh and fascinating read, which raises questions about science, faith, culture, humanity, and the world we inhabit. The characters are well developed, full of personality and complexity; and the setting in the Colombian jungle and beaches is breathtaking. 

This is a rich and compelling read with a complex, multi-faceted plot, and fascinating characters. Although the story might seem a little far-fetched, I was totally taken in by every moment.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: A captivating story of faith, science, and self-discovery.

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