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Renee Hayes


The Girl Who Broke the World

Can a teenager heal the world and restore the balance between humanity and nature?


Five hundred years after the Oxygen War that ravaged the earth and destroyed more than eighty per cent of the population, Zemira (Zee) Creedence is looking forward to her eighteenth birthday and the annual moon festival, held every year to celebrate Mother Nature and the creation of the new world. While walking through the forest with her companion, Wolf, there is an enormous blast and Zee falls into a void. She is pulled to safety by Wolf and wakes up in a hospital bed in a neighbouring territory. When all the other patients are discharged, Zee realises that she is being kept in the hospital under false pretences. Zee has mysterious powers she has hidden since childhood and is able to manipulate her environment. She uses her powers to escape the hospital with her friend Pax. But, as the friends attempt to return back to their home, Zee discovers that she is being hunted by the King of Kymera and his army. Returning home, Zee learns that her mother is missing and has been taken as bait by the King. As Zee attempts to rescue her mother from the evil King, she finally learns the truth about her mysterious powers, her absent father, and her families connection to Mother Nature.

The girl who broke the world by author Renee Hayes is a fantasy adventure, set in a futuristic world, after the earth was reset following a devastating war. The book follows teen, Zee, as she comes of age, and discovers the truth about her world and her ancestry.  This is a tense and thrilling adventure, as Zee finds herself at the centre of a battle for control over the new world.  Zee is a strong, powerful, female protagonist, who will stop at nothing to fight for her family and her friends. With a mesmerising futuristic world full of weird and wonderful creatures, and a gripping plot full of mystery, drama, suspense, and a little romance, this is an epic fantasy fiction novel not to be missed.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An epic fantasy fiction novel, with a strong, powerful, female protagonist. Not to be missed.

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