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DF Kennedy

Nothing But The Truth


The third instalment of this psychological drama reveals the identity of the mystery stalker.


Nothing But The Truth is the second book in the series from DF Kennedy, which picks up around a year after Dahlia’s kidnapping. Following the birth of her baby girl, Dahlia convalesces at home, while her movie-star husband, Roland, shoots his latest film. Dahlia continues to be harassed by an anonymous stalker, #forevermrshughes, and fears for her safety. Her birth father, Cameron, a former MI5 agent, promises to find and neutralise the threat. Cameron suspects the stalker is connected to his work and narrows the investigation down to a car bombing in the 1980’s. Meanwhile, pictures emerge of a woman and her baby, who was previously suspected of having an affair with Roland. Roland hires a private investigator to locate her.  

Alone and afraid with her new-born baby, Dahlia turns to her best friend Charlotte for comfort and company. Charlotte reveals she was forced into an arranged marriage by her wealthy parents, and has family connections to the Irish and Italian mafia. As Dahlia agrees to help her friend, Charlotte is attacked and hospitalised. Cameron’s investigations into the car bomber run dry, but he does find a surprising connection much closer to home. As Cameron and Roland continue their own inquiries, Charlotte’s husband is found murdered. Dahlia boards a private jet to spend some quality time with her husband, but when the regular crew falls down with food poisoning, and she notices her ex-husband on board, Dahlia realises she is in big trouble.

Nothing But The Truth, is the third book in this gripping psychological thriller series, by author DF Kennedy. The third book introduces more characters and more twists and turns. I devoured it in one sitting, it just gets better and better! As the identity of #forevermrshughes is finally exposed, the revelation that Charlotte is connected to the mob introduces more complexity and intrigue. I thought this book was the final one in the series, but it ends on another heart-in-mouth cliffhanger. So many plot twists. So many questions remain unanswered. A brilliant, thrilling, trilogy so far, and pleading for the next instalment. Soon, please!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A captivating series, from book one right through to book three. To keep up this level of energy and intrigue across three books is no mean feat.  

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