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Vy Lien

Vy Lien

The Nervous Noodle: Social Anxiety, Fitting In, and Standing Out

How will Nervous Noodle cope on his first day at school?

It is Nervous Noodle’s first day at school, and he feels very anxious. He is worried about how he will make new friends. What if no one talks to him? What if he trips and falls? What if he cannot answer the teachers questions? What if? What if? What if? He doesn’t sleep the night before school and cannot eat his breakfast in the morning. When he arrives at school, he notices the other children, easily talking to one another and making new friends. But, when Noodle tries to say hello, no one talks to him. When he trips and falls over in class, he is embarrassed, but the kind teacher helps him into his chair. When the teacher asks him a question, he is so nervous, he gives the wrong answer. Then, at recess, he is scared to approach the children and spends his break alone. When he returns home, Noodle is hungry and exhausted and goes to bed early. The next day, Noodle wakes up feeling a little brighter. He had survived the first day, and he was strong enough to handle anything. At school, he has the courage to talk to the other children, he uses his skills to help another child, and he gets an answer correct. He plays soccer with the other children at recess and even scores the winning goal. Noodle reflects on his day, and concludes he had the best second day at school ever!

The Nervous Noodle: Social Anxiety, Fitting In, and Standing Out by author Vy Lien is a fun illustrated picture book about a little boy (Noodle) who feels nervous about his first day at school. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did go wrong for Noodle on his first day. But, Noodle survived it, he picked himself up and he started again. He knew the worst was over, and he realised he was much stronger than he thought he was. The second day was a success, and Noodle soon settled into school.

This is a fab story with an important message. The book will help children who might be nervous about starting school, who are scared about starting new activities, or who are feeling anxious in social situations. The book will help parents, carers and teachers talk to children about their feelings and help alleviate their anxieties. The artwork is wonderful, and young children will love the cute and colourful fruit, vegetable, and nut characters. 

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fun picture book that will help children who struggle with anxiety.

Vy Lien
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