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J.T. Tenera

J.T. Tenera

Erift's Journeys: Secrets of The Sealed Forest

A magical adventure, inspired by video game fantasy, by author JT Tenera

It’s Joseph Erift’s last day of eleventh grade, and he can’t wait to spend the summer playing video games with his best friend, Eric. During school, he has a run-in with a troublesome rich-kid, Clyde, and bumps into a mysterious elderly man in the school corridor, but the last day is rather uneventful. But when Joseph returns home, he finds a special package has been delivered, notifying him that he has qualified for two, all-expenses paid tickets to the tropical islands of Murean. The trip includes a professional demonstration of a new video game, but there are strict instructions not to tell anyone else about the trip, including his parents. Joseph invites his friend Eric, and the two friends sneak out of their houses and cycle all the way to the airport to catch their flight.

Arriving in the remote Murean Islands, Joseph and Eric meet Professor Benjamin Thessit, a coffee-addicted, eccentric man conducting research into a powerful and ancient force...Magic. The teens soon discover that the Professor has lured them to the island under false pretences, and their mission is to hunt down a man named Ryan Morter, who has stolen important pieces of his research. So, rather than watch a demonstration of a new video game, the teens find themselves in a real-life gaming adventure, where they must discover their hidden abilities and the magic within themselves.

Erift's Journeys: Secrets of The Sealed Forest is the first book in a new series, by debut author J.T. Tenera. It is a magnificent, fantasy story about two young men who go on a magical gaming adventure. The book is easy to follow, the characters are beautifully developed, and the world building is…Magic! Inspired by video game fantasy and anime, this book is packed full of action, magic and adventure. With lots of gaming references, the book will particularly appeal to middle grade readers and fans of fantasy fiction, animated series and video games.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A magnificent, fantasy story with beautifully developed characters, and magical world building.

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