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Ellen Davidson

Ellen Davidson


It’s a very strange day for sixth-grader Katie. Her classmates mock her as she thinks she hears the old oak tree outside her classroom window talk to her, and later at home she senses her beloved cat, Sasha, is trying to tell her something. Then without any warning, an earthquake strikes the town and Katie falls through a crack in the floor and into the deep dark basement below. But when Katie awakens from the fall, she finds herself in a strange and mysterious world. She encounters Za, a grumpy alien from a far distant planet, also lost in the strange new world. The only hope for the pair is to find the elusive Winged Ones, hidden away in the Golden Hills at the far corner of the planet.

Katie reluctantly joins Za on the journey quest, and she is given a charm bracelet to help guide her on the journey. Accompanied by Kira, a friendly lion, the pair set off on a perilous journey, through forests and meadows, deep caves, and rivers. There are many dangers along the way, and the new friends must fend off river monsters and flying beasts, fish men and flower fairies. Katie soon discovers she has a special power to talk to all the creatures featured on her charm bracelet. But as Za is captured, Katie must use all of her strength and courage to resist the powerful forces of the Poison One, to save her friend and herself.

Wind is a wonderfully written, faced-paced, fantasy story for young middle grade readers. Ellen Dee Davidson creates a magical and enchanting world, and takes the reader on an extraordinary journey, packed full of amazing characters and fascinating scenes. The main character is well developed, and readers will relate to her journey and her personal struggles, as they learn more about her life at home.

The book was gripping, entertaining and full of unexpected twists and turns - a real page-turner and hard to put down!

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A wonderful, faced-paced, fantasy story, packed full of amazing characters and fascinating scenes. A SILVER winner and highly recommended.’

Ellen Davidson
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