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The Journey Begins Within

A profound and intimate spiritual guide, by author SAVI.

In The Journey Begins Within, author and spiritual guide, SAVI, takes the reader on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, as he describes his own personal journey and his relationship with the Holy Spirit. SAVI recalls his first encounter with the Spirit when he was just six-years old, growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He explains, fully conscious, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit heal my body, which could be construed as a true miracle.” Dismissed by his parents as a psychosomatic episode, SAVI knew he had been visited by an other-worldly presence. This was the first of many supernatural visitations, which could not be explained by anything else. After graduating from high school in the US, SAVI returned back to Buenos Aires to study engineering when the next inexplicable metaphysical event happened. He also recalls a time in his life when he suffered from a serious back injury. “I sensed a presence leave my body. As this presence departed, my body regained its mobility.” 

Through his relationship with God, SAVI discovered the journey into unconditional self-love, which in turn, helped him to see his past emotional injuries from a new perspective and heal the emotional wounds.

The Journey Begins Within is a transformative and thought-provoking guide to spirituality and self-discovery. SAVI’s story is uplifting and inspiring. By sharing his own spiritual journey, and interweaving his experiences with practical tools and advice, SAVI offers readers a path to spiritual enlightenment. He gently encourages readers to live in the present and find their own true self through a personal connection with the Divine.

The book serves as both a beacon of hope, and a practical guide for those seeking healing through spiritual means.

A must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of spirituality and find their own connection to God.

Star rating:  5 Stars 


Summary: An uplifting and deeply moving exploration of spirituality and personal transformation.

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