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Marianne Hartley

Marianne Hartley


A step-by-step guide to brand design by author Marianne Hartley.

Align & Shine is a reference book about business, marketing, and brand design. Author, brand consultant and designer, Marianne Hartley, describes how to create beautiful, inspiring, and powerful brands, by connecting the heart and mind. Hartley discusses her personal journey, from studying graphic design at l’Ecole d’Art Appliques, in Switzerland, to settting up a successful agency, Hartley & Soul. The company was created to bring together the author’s interests in energy healing and design.

The book is divided into three parts: Dive, Discover and Define. Dive is the foundational stage, which involves diving deep into the business, understanding what is unique about the business, and identifying the problem it is trying to solve. Dive involves the left, logical side of the brain. Discover involves connecting with intuition and engaging with the heart to get a deeper level of understanding, and aligning the brand with both the heart and the vision. It involves working with the right hand, creative side of the brain. Define brings both sides of thinking together, connecting logic and intuition, to develop a coherent vision, mission and value, to bring the brand to life. Hartley provides many examples through real life client stories and testimonials. At the end of each chapter there are exercises and questions to help guide the reader on their own brand journey, and tips and tools to support self reflection, guided meditation an visualisation.  

Align & Shine is an inspiring and insightful book by a guru of brand design, Marianne Hartley. Hartley is a leading authority on brand design, and her knowledge and expertise shines throughout this book. The book’s emphasis on the emotional aspects of branding, and connecting hearts and minds, is refreshing. As a reader with little knowledge of brand design, I found the book fascinating. I would love to see more images and examples within the book, as I found myself googling many of the brands the author references.

The book is aimed at anyone who has a business idea and wants to turn it into brand; those who are already running a successful business and want to refresh their brand; and serial entrepreneurs who want to create iconic brands for their businesses. It will also appeal to students, teachers, and anyone interested in branding and design.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: Connecting hearts and minds: a refreshing and fascinating insight into brand design.

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