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K.c. LaSaga

K.c. LaSaga


One young woman’s search for self-love and self-acceptance, by author K.c. LaSaga

Kali Colombe is an ambitious young woman, desperate to leave Vancouver, Canada, in search of independence, romance, travel and adventure. As she sets out on a journey of self-discovery, and plans an epic trip to Europe, she meets and falls in love at first sight with another woman. Kali purchases a new condo and settles into life with her new love, stalling her plans to travel to Europe. But Kali’s parents are not happy about the relationship, and want her to return to the family home in Newfoundland.

Torn between her lover and her family, her home and her desire to travel, Kali falls into a depression, despite the intuitive energy ‘Dragum’ gifted to her by her grandfather.  Conflict and loneliness overwhelm Kali, and she falls into a deeper depression, as she loses sense of her own identity.  Kali must fight to find her true self and break free from family preferences, social norms and cultural expectations. 

Dragum is an intimate, coming of age story about a young woman who must learn to break free from her family and find self-love and acceptance, by author K.c. LaSaga. LaSaga wrote the book based on her own experiences of depression in early adulthood.  LaSaga explains ‘I’m writing for the adults who are still treated like kids, the queer folk who have been brave enough to come out of the closet but are not accepted and the adventure seekers who are scared to take their first steps alone.’ This is a beautifully written novel in the first-person perspective, and an honest portrait of depression and its enduring aftermath.

K.c. LaSaga’s prose is raw, emotional and moving, capturing Kali’s love, passion and inner turmoil. Many readers will relate to Kali’s experience, and I hope this book will provide comfort and support to those experiencing similar troubles.


The book will appeal to readers who enjoy character-based novels, and romantic fiction. It will also appeal to those from the LGBTQ+ community, and anyone who has experienced, or has been impacted, by depression or mental health.

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: This is a beautifully written, intimate and heart-rending novel, which shines a light on mental health and depression.

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