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Christina Ford

Christina Ford

In Search of Mr Darcy: Lessons Learnt In The Pursuit of Happily Ever After

Real-life Bridget Jones meets Sex in the City

In Search of Mr Darcy: Lessons Learnt in The Pursuit of Happily Ever After, is a memoir by businesswoman and blogger, Christina Ford, exploring love, sex, marriage, parenting and divorce. Divided into seven books, each book tells the story of a phase in her life, defined by her relationships with men. The names of her lovers are changed, inspired by characters in Jane Austen novels. Growing up on a diet of romantic novels and Disney princess movies, Ford hoped one day to find enduring love and live ‘happily ever after.’ In the first book, Ford describes her relationship with her beloved father, the impact he had on her life and her relationships with men. In the ‘Book of Brandon,’ Ford discusses her first marriage and her early career in television production. The marriage lasted just over a year. After her divorce, Ford concentrates on her career and begins a relationship with Jackson, a handsome and charming client. But the relationship with Jackson ends when his alcoholism spirals out of control. In the ‘Book of John,’ Ford meets her future husband. The marriage is happy, and the couple have two daughters, but the transition to motherhood is not easy, and Ford experiences post-partum depression. When Ford discovers her husband has been unfaithful, the marriage ends in divorce. In the ‘Book of Edward,’ Ford discusses her relationship with a married man, becoming a stepmother to his daughter, and moving from Toronto to London to be with her man. As Ford builds a life for herself in a new country, she discovers Edward has cheated on her. In her fifties, Ford embarks on a new journey of independence and self-discovery.

In Search of Mr Darcy is an intimate, moving, and funny memoir of one woman’s life, and her search for love and happiness. Spanning four decades of her life, Ford describes her tumultuous relationships with honesty and humor, recalling the good and the bad, the highs and the lows of her romantic escapades. From the euphoria of a new relationship to the crushing heartbreak of separation – this memoir covers it all, warts and all. With each relationship experience, Ford learns valuable lessons about herself.

This is a fascinating memoir by an inspirational woman who has had an extraordinary life. A life well lived, full of love and lots of laughter.

For any woman searching for ‘happily ever after’ - you might find you are searching in the wrong place!

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: An intimate, moving and funny memoir of one woman’s extraordinary life, and her search for love and happiness.

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