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Kim C Lee

Kim C Lee

The Night Owl Goes to Space

A dreamy adventure in space.

The Night Owl Goes to Space is an illustrated picture book about a little boy who drifts off to sleep and has a dreamy adventure in space. He dreams of climbing a floating stack of stairs into the sky and far out to space. From beyond the earth’s atmosphere, the boy has a magnificent view of the earth and the other planets within our solar system. He sees the rocky planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. He sees the gas planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. He sees Pluto, a dwarf planet, planetary moons, shooting stars and far distant galaxies. He watches space rockets zoom across the cosmos, and satellites floating through space. As night turns into day, the little boy’s dream is interrupted by an alarm clock, and he must return back down the wooden stairs to earth. While this dreamy adventure in space ends, he hopes there will be another space adventure tomorrow night.

The Night Owl Goes to Space is a fun and imaginative picture book by author Kim C. Lee. The book is a great introduction to space and the solar system for very young readers. The book will help build vocabulary and language skills, and will help young children learn the names of the planets in the milky way. With lots of space facts and figures, and a handy glossary, this book is a great resource for budding space explorers, and anyone interested in the universe and our solar system. The illustrations by Vera Sysolina are bright and vibrant, and will captivate younger readers.

Star rating: 5 Stars 

Summary: Overall, a fun and imaginative picture book, with a sweet character and a dreamy adventure in space.

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