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Anna Kutishcheva

Anna Kutishcheva

Jake and Nick's Spooky Fall

A spooky tale, with a couple of adorable canine characters from author and illustrator Anna Kutishcheva

An adorable picture book about two canine friends and their fun-filled adventures. Jake wants to play. He is happy, confident, and energetic. He wants to jump and frolic in the leaves with his friend Nick. But Nick isn’t in the mood to play today. He is tired and a little scared. He sees monsters everywhere! In the closet, under the bed, and behind the shower curtain. Nick has nowhere to hide!

Jake is not afraid of monsters. He reassures his friend there are no monsters, it’s just his imagination. But the dogs need to be on guard. Someone or something is stealing their kibble! Is it just Nick’s imagination? Or do monsters really exist?

The story and the fear of the unknown will resonate with young children. Those sudden movements, unusual objects or unexpected sounds can often create such anxiety in little people. The book will provide comfort to young children that it is perfectly okay to be a little scared sometimes, but that not everything is as it seems. Things that might at first appear scary are usually nothing to worry about at all.

Young children will love the adorable canine characters and their fun-filled adventures. They will laugh at Nick’s attempts to run away and hide as they discover the real identity of the ‘monsters.’ Kutishcheva’s illustrations are delightful. The whimsical, watercolour style illustrations bring the story and the characters to life, and will engage readers of all ages.

Star Rating: 5 Stars


‘A super cute book, about two canine friends and their fear of monsters. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

Anna Kutishcheva
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