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S.M. Webb


A new teen fantasy fiction series, by debut author S.M. Webb

Teens, Sienna and Cassidy, attend the same school in the small town of Fleet. The girls share the same friendship group, but they do not have a great deal in common. Sienna is quiet, humble and reserved. She has a long-term boyfriend and is content with her modest life in the small town. Cassidy is from a wealthy family, and is loud, obnoxious and a little spoiled. She cannot wait to leave home and explore life outside of the small town. But their paths cross unexpectedly, when they have a near-death experience on a dark, mountain-side road. Both are driving home one evening, when they spot a mysterious figure in the middle of the road and are forced to stop. Cassidy’s father collides into the back of his daughter’s car, narrowly missing the girls who scramble to safety, inches away from the cliff edge.

The near-death experience doesn’t bring the girls together and they continue with their daily lives. But when the girls are forced to sit together on a bus trip to a charity event, both of their lives are changed forever. A catastrophic event forces Sienna and Cassidy together, and they must work as one to make the best out of an unimaginable situation. The girls must learn how to put their differences aside and capitalise on their strengths, to secure a positive future for themselves in a different world.

Spirited by author S.M. Webb is a beautifully written and profound novel for young adult readers. This is a believable fantasy fiction novel, with plenty of action, teen drama and a touch of romance. The novel questions whether life exists after death, and deals with philosophical and religious issues in a way that will captivate and engage the target reader group. Author S.M. Webb has crafted a unique fantasy world, with well-developed and relatable characters, and a gripping plot. The book will appeal to teens and adults alike.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading the next edition in this series.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A beautifully written fantasy fiction novel, with plenty of action, teen drama and romance.

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