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Ona Gritz

August Or Forever

Sisters reunited, by author Ona Gritz

Ten-year-old Molly lives with her mom and dad in upstate New York. She has an older half-sister, Alison, who is an art student and lives in London with her mom. Molly has only met Alison once, but they communicate regularly via letter, email and on video chats. When Molly overhears her mom and dad talking about Alison visiting their home, she is overjoyed. She cannot wait to spend time with the sister she adores and dearly misses. But Molly is disappointed to hear that Alison will only be visiting for a month in August, and hatches a plan to try and get her to stay permanently. With her best friend, Diane, Molly clears the garage to create an art studio for Alison, and she tries to persuade her dad to give her a job as an art teacher at their school. Molly creates a special Sister Book for Alison, full of precious photographs and childhood memories of the pair growing up in different continents.

But, when Alison arrives in New York, Holly soon realises that sibling relationships are not as easy as she imagined. Molly becomes jealous of her older sister, and starts to resent her taking over her room. Molly accidently breaks Alison’s cherished glass pendant, and the relationship between the siblings becomes strained. When Molly discovers the Sister Book is missing, she is convinced Alison has destroyed it, and plans to spend the rest of the summer at camp, to avoid spending any more time with her wicked sister. Did Alison destroy the precious Sister Book? Can Molly and Alison repair their broken relationship? And will Alison make a permanent home in New York, or return back to London?

August or Forever, is a charming and beautifully written book for young readers, by author Ona Gritz. The story is about two siblings separated by divorce, who are reunited after many years living apart, in different countries. Convincingly told from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl, the book captures Molly’s fears, anxieties and insecurities as she meets her sister for the second time. Despite their differences, and time apart, the siblings share a deep bond and love for one another. With likeable and endearing characters, and a captivating plot that many readers will relate to, this book will appeal to young readers and teens.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An endearing book about the unique and powerful bond between sisters.

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