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Michael Dow

Nurse Florence Why and How Do We Sneeze?

A lesson in sneezing from Nurse Florence, by author Michael Dow

Friends, Jean, Condi, and Sonia are playing together in the playground, when suddenly Sonia sneezes. At lunch time they sit with Nurse Florence, and Sonia explains that she sneezed whilst playing outside, and asks her to explain why.  Nurse Florence explains that there are many different reasons why people sneeze, but one common cause of sneezing is caused by different types of allergens that are present in the air we breathe, such as dust mites, bacteria and pollen. She explains what people can do to reduce sneezing, such as trying to avoid the allergens that make you sneeze, and allergy medications for those who sneeze a lot.

Nurse Florence, Why and How Do We Sneeze? By Michael Dow is an educational and entertaining book for young readers about the human body, and why and how people sneeze. This book introduces readers to the human body, biology and medicine, in a fun, engaging, accessible and age-appropriate way for younger readers.  The book will help children understand medical terminology and build vocabulary about the human body, and is a great resource for parents, carers, teachers and medical professionals to help explain the workings of the human body to younger aged children.

Inspired by the work of Florence Nightingale, this book also provides a great introduction to the role of the nurse, and is ideal for those who are interested in nursing, medicine, science and other healthcare professions.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary:  An educational and entertaining book for young readers about the human body. Highly recommended.

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