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L.T. Caton

Find Me In Time: Meeting Columbus

A group of friends find a time-travelling treehouse, by author L.T. Caton

Five friends, Ashley, Emma, Keith, Aaron, and Harry are playing hide and seek in the woods, when they find a mysterious ladder against a tree. They climb the ladder and discover a small tree house. The friends enter the tree house, and realize it’s much larger than it appears on the outside. As they explore the tree house, it suddenly shakes violently, and the five friends are transported to a strange place.  They find a family on the run, hiding out in the treehouse. But no sooner have they realised they have transported back in time; they are suddenly thrown forward to the present. Shocked and amazed at their new discovery, they learn more about the powers of the treehouse.

The friends start the ‘Tree House Club’ and plan their next time travel adventure. They ask the treehouse to transport them back to Guanahani in 1492, just before Christopher Columbus’s ships arrived in the Caribbean Island and started a colony. They find themselves on the beach in the middle of the Taino tribe, where they are welcomed and treated like important visitors. The powers of the treehouse make them look like tribespeople, and they can speak and understand their language. As the friends become more acquainted with the tribe, they are excited to see the arrival of Columbus’s ships on the horizon. Columbus and his crew arrive on the island, and the friends get caught up in an altercation between the natives and explorers. They are suddenly transported back to safety, but decide to travel back to 1494, two years after the event. When they return to Guanahani, they discover the devastating impact of Columbus’s arrival.

Find Me in Time: Meeting Columbus by author L.T. Caton is a super time-travelling adventure for middle grade readers. A group of friends are transported back to 1942 when Christopher Columbus first discovered Guanahani, but the friends soon discover he is not quite the hero they expected him to be.  This book is fun and entertaining, but it is also insightful and educational as it tries to present a more accurate picture of a significant event in human history. It will challenge readers perspectives, and help them to understand the importance of ‘truth’ in history. 

Star rating:  5 Stars

Summary: A super time-travelling adventure, that will challenge readers perspectives.

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