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Diann Floyd Boehm

Charlie and the Tire Swing - How it Began

A charming story about the special bond between grandparent and child, by author Diann Floyd Boehm

Charlie looks at the big oak tree outside his grandparent’s kitchen window, and asks his Grandpa Jack, how did the oak tree grow so big? Grandpa Jacks tells Charlie a story from his own childhood, when he found a little acorn and with the help of his own grandfather, planted it in the garden. Young Jack waited patiently for the acorn to grow and visited his grandparents every weekend to check the trees progress. Over many weeks and months, there was still no sign of a tree, and Jack feared the little acorn had been washed away in the rainstorms, or frozen in the winter snow. Until one spring day, a little sapling sprouted from the ground. Jack took very good care of the little tree, watering it, talking to it, and protecting it from the frost in winter. Over several years, the little sapling grew into a magnificent tree, and became home to many creatures, including cardinals, owls and hawks. The tree was enjoyed by the whole family for many years, as the house and beloved tree were passed through the generations. Grandpa Jack asks Charlie to take good care of the tree and he ties an old rope and tire to the branches, so Charlie can play and enjoy the splendid specimen.

Charlie and the Tire Swing: How it Began by author Diann Floyd Boehm is a sweet and wonderful picture book about a young boy and his exploration with nature with his grandfather. It shows the beauty of the relationship between child and grandparent, as Grandpa Jack lovingly tells the young boy a story from his own childhood over a mug of hot chocolate.  In an age of gaming, technology, high energy entertainment and social media, this is a reminder of the simpler things in life, and the importance of nurturing relationships through conversations and storytelling. I hope this book will encourage both young children and adults to explore nature in their own backyard, and beyond. 

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet, wonderful and warm intergenerational story and exploration of nature.

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