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Charly Froh

Lotti and the Impossible Dream

Lotti overcomes many obstacles to follow her dream, by author Charly Froh

Eleven-year-old Lotti starts a new school at Little Hill Middle School, New York. Lottie tries desperately hard to try and hide her knee injury and the scar on her leg, from a medical accident when she was a baby. Teased throughout kindergarten, Lotti vowed never to reveal her scar again. But the school rules state she has to wear the school PE uniform and Lotti is required to wear a pair of shorts. Her classmates notice the scar on her leg and tease her relentlessly.

When an Olympic rhythmic gymnast visits the school and showcases her skills, Lotti is fascinated by the sport. She contacts the gymnasium and joins up straight away. Lotti worries about wearing a leotard and revealing her scar to the other gymnasts, but also worries whether she can achieve the skills and flexibility required, due to her knee injury. Lotti does not want special treatment, and through hard work and determination, makes the team who will compete in the upcoming Junior Regional Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. Lotti finds friendship and a sense of belonging at the gym, and is determined to succeed in the sport. At the same time, she settles into school, develops new friendships, experiences her first slumber party, and goes on a date to the movies with a boy. But as the Junior Regional Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship approaches, Lotti is anxious about wearing the championship leotard, and revealing her scar to her teammates. When her teammates notice the scar, some of them question her place on the team, and think she has taken the place of a more capable gymnast. Lotti’s role in the championship is put in jeopardy. Will Lotti’s team mates accept her place in the team? Will she compete in the Regional Championships? And can she put her traumatic kindergarten experience behind her to move forward in life and shine in the sport she loves so much?

Lotti and the Impossible Dream by author Charly Froh is a sweet, heart-warming and inspiring story about a young girl who is determined to follow her dream. Against all odds, and with the support of a loving family, supportive coach and good friends, Lotti overcomes many challenges and becomes a successful rhythmic gymnast. Based on a true story, this book will inspire others to follow their own dreams.  Young readers will relate to Lotti’s experiences, her fears and anxieties, lack of confidence, school bullies, and struggle to fit in. It will help to develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience in younger readers.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A sweet, heart-warming and humorous novel, which will inspire young readers to follow their dreams.

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