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Caryn Rivadeneira

Monster Match: Frankinschool Book 1

Fred meets his monster match.

Fred is given a book by his teacher, following an author visit, which is inscribed to a Frank. It is a mystery, as Fred definitely recalls his mom asking for the inscription for Fred. In creative writing, the class is asked to write a story about What if...? Fred looks at his new book and has an idea. What if I am Frank in school? Frank-in-school? Frankinschool? As Fred starts to pen his story, a green mist covers the classroom, the children fall asleep, and Fred discovers that his story has come to life. He is magically transformed into Frankinschool, and his enemy, Luisa, has also transformed into Princess Maria Luisa Octavia. The pair learn that they must work together to solve the mystery of green mist to wake their classmates. Frankinschool and Princess visit the school attic, where they find a laboratory infested with bats, mice, and a rather friendly ghost, named Frank. Frank has invented a potion to send children to sleep so that he can steel their books. Frank wants his book back and will do anything to get it! Will Frankinschool and Princess recover the book before Frank finds it? Will Frank ever escape from the confines of the attic? And can they wake their classmates from their slumber?

Monster Match: Frankinschool Book 1 by author Caryn Rivadeneira is a funny and entertaining chapter book for middle grade readers about a young boy who writes a story and is suddenly transformed into Frankinschool in his creative writing class. He must join forces with his number one enemy, to help him solve the mystery and return back to his human self. This is a unique and imaginative book, and will appeal to children who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and suspense. A great first instalment of a planned series, and I look forward to more adventures from Frankinschool and Princess.

The wonderful black and white illustrations by Dani Jones complement the story perfectly.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A funny, entertaining, and slightly spooky chapter book for middle grade readers.

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