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Tucker Madison

Green Glass

Can Ida track down the man who saved her life as a girl?

Eleven-year-old Ida and her father survive a horrific car crash, when their car veers over a bridge and plunges into deep water. They are saved by fifteen-year-old John Murphy, who dives into the water and frees them from the car. John finds two triangular pieces of smooth green glass in the water. He gives one piece of glass to Ida and then quickly disappears from the scene. He gives the other piece of glass to his fifteen-year-old adopted sister, Maggie who has Down Syndrome.

Fourteen years later, Ida is a medical student in Michigan and a competitive swimmer. Ida has vivid memories of the mysterious boy who saved her life and treasures the piece of green glass he gave her. She hires a private investigator to find her superhero and he tracks him down to Chicago, through newspaper articles and eyewitness accounts. When Ida finishes medical school, she decides to take her residency in Chicago, in the hope that one day she might meet her hero again. 

Meanwhile, John is working as a paramedic in Chicago and still caring for his sister, Maggie. John loves his job as a paramedic and continues to help strangers through random acts of kindness. Ida moves to Chicago and discovers over 400 John Murphy’s listed in the telephone book. Her mission to find her elusive hero is not going to be easy. Will Ida ever find the guy who saved her life? And if so, will he live up to her heroic expectations?

Green Glass by author Tucker Madison is a tense and gripping drama about one woman’s search for the boy who saved her life as a young girl. This is an elaborate plot, full of twists and turns, which keeps the story alive and interesting. The characters are likeable and believable, and I was rooting for Ida and John to meet and fall in love. Madison develops tension, as the pair become so close to one another, but never quite meet.

This is a unique and intriguing novel that will appeal to readers who enjoy drama, romance and mystery stories.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A tense and gripping drama about one woman’s search for the boy who saved her life as a young girl.

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