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Tony Jeton Selimi

A Path to Excellence

A self-help book by author, entrepreneur, coach and motivational speaker, Tony Jeton Selimi.

Selimi shares his formulae of success to help readers feel more confident, empowered, and accomplished while working on their aspirations, goals, and dreams. The book is based on Selimi’s personal, professional, business, and client breakthrough experiences and thirty years of research, lessons, study, and transformations. Based on decades of teachings, Selimi developed an easy-to-follow method, a simple eight-step process, and scientifically proven principles to guide people onto the path of excellence in their chosen areas of life.

The principles are - Principle 1: To break free from ambiguity, clarify what you want, why you want it, and when you want it. Principle 2: Awakening your astronomical vision requires committing to something bigger than yourself. Principle 3: To build your resilience, it is wise to immediately confront any issues that arise and respond mindfully and objectively. Principle 4: Making mistakes is human; correcting them awakens your excellence. Principle 5: For better, more efficient, and more effective results, seek expert advice. Principle 6: To grow on the inside and expand on the outside, collaborate. Principle 7: To unleash the power of gratitude, graciously give and accept compliments. Principle 8: Continuously celebrating small wins can change your physiology, strengthen your psychology, and maximize your potential. Alongside each principle, Selimi offers a number of tips and tricks, practical advice, and exercises to help readers practice these principles. Selimi encourages readers to practice these eight key principles daily and willingly, to see positive changes in personal, professional, and business life.

A Path to Excellence by Tony Jeton Selimi is an enlightening and transformative self-help book, which aims to help readers achieve their own goals and success in life. With an easy to follow, eight step method, this book offers practical solutions to help readers make positive changes in their personal, professional, or business life. This is an authentic and credible book as Selimi shares his own journey and the significant challenges he experienced throughout his life. Selimi’s journey is inspiring, his teachings are simple yet profound.

The book will appeal to any reader interested in personal development.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: An enlightening and transformative self-help book, which will help readers gain a deeper understanding of themselves through a simple eight step process.

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