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Sabrina Simon


A collection of romantic poems and prose, from author Sabrina Simon

Violet is a collection of fifty poems and prose by author Sabrina Simon. Written over a seven-year period, from 2015 to 2022, the collection captures the authors journey from her early teenage years through to young adulthood. This is a deeply personal and profound collection of poems from a talented young woman, with a gift for poetry. The early poems capture the authors longing and yearning for love, and her desire for mental and physical intimacy. She describes beautifully her feelings of loss and rejection when love is unrequited, her elation and euphoria when she experiences her first love, and the pain of her first heartbreak. The later poems deal with more mature themes, her fears of starting a new relationship, and her growing sense of self and identity.

This book is a deeply intimate collection of poetry and prose about the authors first experiences of love and life as a young teenager, through to early adulthood. This is a beautiful memoir, written during the authors formative years, which captures both the joy and pain of love and relationships. Sabrina Simons describes how poetry became a type of therapy, and how she used it to make sense of new, romantic feelings. Inspired by music and her own life experiences, her poetry is lyrical, powerful, and passionate. Her stories are vivid, emotional and relatable. The book took me back to my own youth, and my own experiences of love and loss.

Overall, a beautiful and moving collection of poetry, and a joy to read. Ideal for teens, young adults and anyone who loves romantic poetry.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A deeply personal and profound collection of poetry from a talented young author.

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