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Robin Jeffrey

R.A.T.: A Cadence Turing Mystery

Chance and Cadence are back to solve another crime.

R.A.T.: A Cadence Turing Mystery is the second instalment in the Cadence Turing mystery series and follows on where the first book finished. Arrhidaean, Chance Hale, has unexpectedly taken over the multi-million-dollar tech company, Halcyon Enterprises, following his fathers death. Whilst Chance did not welcome the public scrutiny that came with the leading the company, he demonstrates an aptitude for the role. Chance stands by his word not to sell weapons to the Charcornacian Government, for their role in the atrocities committed against the animanecron people. The animanecrons are curious and intelligent androids, that can feel emotion and pain. Chance had met and developed a close friendship with an animanecron, Cadence Turing, prior to his fathers death. Cadence moves into Chance’s flat but continues to hide her true identity in public. 

Chance receives a visit from representatives of the Charcornacian Government and is ordered to resume trading weapons with them. They have discovered Chance is living with an animanecron and threatens to kill her if he does not obey their orders. When Cadence’s friend, an animanecron-rights activist, is killed enforcement officers refuse to investigate because she is an android and therefore never technically alive. So, Cadence decides to take on the case herself.  Will Cadence find the killer of her friend? And is her murder linked to Chance’s visit by the Charcornacian Government?

R.A.T.: A Cadence Turing Mystery is an exciting and fast paced science fiction novel by author Robin Jeffrey, and the second book in the Cadence Turing mystery series. The book picks up where the first book in the series ended, and sees the relationship between Chance and android, Cadence, further develop. As political unrest breaks out in Arrhidaean, Chance and Cadence find themselves on a hunt for a dangerous killer.  This series provides an interesting perspective on the future of android technology, the complex relationships between humans and androids, and the social, political and ethical concerns. It is a future that seems highly probable.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A thoroughly enjoyable and captivating murder mystery, set in a futuristic world.

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