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Peter Eliott

A Dream of Shadows

A notorious criminal joins a bunch of misfits, to take down a powerful villain.

Vazeer the Lash is a notorious criminal, born and raised in the nefarious underworld capital of Hell’s Labyrinth. Having spent most of his life in the seedy underworld, he is keen to retire from a life of crime. When Vazeer’s contract broker offers him big money to join the Shadow Bidders, he sees it as an opportunity to walk away from his life of crime, and he hopes it will be his final contract. The Shadow Bidders are a group of misfit criminals and include a locksmith, an actress, an assassin, and a Line Man. Their mission is to hunt down and take out the Count Ulan Gueritus (the ‘Raving Blade’), one of Hell’s Labyrinth’s most powerful brokers. The evil Count has a reputation for torturing his victims and has blackmailed the Countess of Odel. His actions have sparked outrage and could result in war in the once peaceful city of Sullward. The Shadow Bidders have just forty-eight hours to hunt down the target and complete the task. Each member of the team must risk their lives to defeat the Count, by harnessing their own distinctive and unique talents. But, with their lives in imminent danger, the team soon discovers that nothing is quite as it seems in this strange case. Will the Shadow Bidders defeat the Count? Will they restore peace to the city of Sullward? Can Vazeer move on from his life of crime? And will this really be his final contract?

A Dream of Shadows is a remarkable, fantasy novel by debut author Peter Eliott, about a career criminal desperate to escape his life of crime, who risks it all for one last shot at the big money. With beautiful prose, fantastic world building, and fascinating, well-developed, multi-layered characters, this is an immersive and gripping novel. Peter Eliott is a creative and masterful writer, and a talent to watch out for.

This is an exceptional novel at every level, and highly recommended.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A brilliantly plotted fantasy fiction novel. I couldn't put this compelling debut book down. 

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