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Mitzi Perdue

Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul

An insightful biography about an inspirational man, by author Mitzi Perdue


Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul, is a biography about author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Mark Victor Hansen, by Mitzi Perdue. The book comprises thirty chapters, which follow Mark from early childhood, his teenage and college years, through to his sixties and right through to the present day.  The book describes how even at a young age, Mark was a hustler, buying and selling greetings cards to buy a racing bike. During his teenage years he excelled at writing, and at college he was destined for a career in academia. Later, he ventured into business when his academic career was cut short, but his business failed, and he was made bankrupt at the age of twenty-five. Described as one of the lowest points of his young life, Mark felt a failure and contemplated suicide. But, his faith in God pulled him through, and with the help of his friends and trusted mentors, he became a successful motivational speaker. He set up two successful companies: The Million Dollar Forum, and The Three Percent Club. The stories he collected during this time became the foundation for his book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, coauthored with friend and business partner Jack Canfield. The Chicken Soup for the Soul series led to sales of half a billion books and a Guinness Book of World’s Records entry for the most books on The New York Times bestseller list at the time.


Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul is an insightful and inspirational biography by Mitzi Perdue, based on interviews with Mark and many of his relatives, friends, and colleagues, who shared their personal stories and memories. The stories show how Mark strived hard to achieve his goals and didn’t give up when things got tough, and how he maintained a strong sense of faith during good and bad times. Throughout his life, Mark was supported by many friends and mentors who guided him on his journey, and he used his experiences to give back to others. He inspired millions of people across the world, through his books, speaking events, and philanthropic activities.  After each chapter, there is a short section titled ‘Learn from Mark’, which includes hints and tips for the reader to help them achieve success in their own life.

Mitzi Perdue has done a great job at bringing Mark Victor Hansen’s story to life, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly events of his life. This is an honest, respectful, well-researched and exhaustive biography, which covers Mark’s life from early childhood to the present day.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fascinating and insightful biography, packed full of life-lessons that will benefit any reader.

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