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Juliet Rose

Trigger Point

Love and loss on a mountainside in Montana, by Juliet Rose.

Zoey Sanders is a paramedic intern, completing her final rotation with the Mountaintop Search and Rescue, in the Beartooth Mountain Range in Montana. A new dog handler arrives at base camp, Micah Byrne, with his two dogs, Trek and Chef. Micah is deaf and communicates with his dogs via hand signals.  Zoey is immediately attracted to Micah, and they become close friends. Zoey knows a little sign language and she is able to communicate with Micah using finger spelling. As Micah settles into base camp, he teaches Zoey American Sign Language. Zoey and Micah’s relationship becomes intimate, and Zoey moves into Micah’s cabin. But their relationship is put to the test when there is a huge avalanche on the mountain, triggered by a drunk man on a snowmobile. Over twenty-five people are on the mountainside, with multiple buried and many injured. As the team deal with the injured, a toboggan carrying dead bodies arrives in base camp. Zoey soon learns that one of the dead is her little brother, Charlie, who was out on the mountain snowboarding.  Zoey is distraught and takes a leave of absence from Search and Rescue, moving back into her parent’s farmhouse. Overwhelmed by grief and anger, Zoey pushes Micah and her loved ones away. Zoey’s parents decide to sell the farmhouse and Zoey returns to the mountain. How will Zoey cope when she returns to the place her little brother died?  And can she restore her relationship with Micah?

Trigger Point is an emotional, heart-breaking and gripping romantic drama of love and loss, by author Juliet Rose.  Zoey meets the love of her life on a mountainside in Montana, but everything changes when her little brother is killed in a catastrophic avalanche. Zoey’s life is shattered, as she struggles with grief and pushes away everyone around her. Rose portrays death and grief honestly, sensitively and with compassion. Her prose is heart-rending, and I was overcome with emotion on several occasions.

This is a beautifully written novel, with well developed, likeable and interesting characters. I particularly liked the introduction of a strong lead character with a disability.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A heart-breaking, emotional and gripping romantic drama about love and loss.

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