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Joshua Hershey

Linden Falls

Can a young woman free her people from darkness?


Orphan, Mabel, was brought up by her grandmother, Gigi, in Linden, a nation cursed and shrouded by dark and evil forces. Mabel’s parents died of the plague when she was a young girl, but Gigi never discussed their life or death. Mabel always thought she was different from other children and had vivid dreams she was a witch. Rumors had even spread at school that Mabel was a possessed dreamer, who uses magic to enter shadows and speak with the dead. When Gigi dies, Mabel is left penniless and alone. She visits Gigi’s cabin to retrieve her belongings and feels a strange presence. When she spots a book that she had seen in her dream, she must open it.


The book emits light and fire, and Mabel is spellbound. The magic book creates a cyclone and Mabel flees the cabin by stepping through a door of fire. Mabel is chased by a serpent, Lavian, and a hoard of Dark Angels. She is saved by the Light Angels and taken to Citadel; a fortress suspended above the Earth.  Mabel learns from the Light Angels that the book has special powers, and she was chosen by the one who wrote the book to break the darkness over Linden. She also learns there are two worlds, the world where she lives and the unseen realm that permeates the heavens and Earth. Mable has two choices, to return to her old life in Linden and give up the book, or to harness the book’s powers and continue the path of her calling. Which path will Mabel take? Can she end the darkness that presides over Linden? And will she find out the truth about her parents, and her special powers?


Linden Falls is an imaginative and thrilling dark fantasy fiction novel by author Joshua Hershey. This is a well written and tightly crafted story, with a gripping plot, and rich, memorable characters. Mabel is a strong female protagonist, who overcomes adversity to free her people. There are strong Christian messages throughout the book, which make this a unique and powerful read.

Hershey has created a spellbinding world that will appeal to those who enjoy action-adventure, fantasy fiction, and Christian fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A thoroughly enjoyable and spellbinding read.

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