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Glenda Brown

The Story of Raine

One woman fights for survival when she learns her marriage is built on lies, by author Glenda Brown

Following a short, whirlwind romance, seventeen-year-old Lana marries Sloan and moves to Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains to live with his family. The grand home and farm, named the ‘Shaddeau’, is set in 1,500 acres of land, far from Lana’s modest family home in Missouri.  As Lana settles into life in Virginia, she soon becomes pregnant, and her baby girl, she names Raine, is born in the middle of a storm.  Raine spends much of her childhood alone, while her father is busy working on the farm, and her mother is depressed. She grows up to be a shy but independent young woman, with dreams of becoming a lawyer. Raine attends college in Maryland, and meets her roommate JaDee who introduces her to an Italian named Anthony Riconi. Raine confides in her friend that one day she will marry Anthony. But JaDee warns her that he might not be a good match and his family has a questionable reputation. During a storm one evening, Raine is badly injured in a terrible car accident. Raine is rush to hospital and spends several weeks in a coma. JaDee suggests they call Anthony to her bedside, and on hearing his voice, she quickly recovers. Several years later, after Raine graduates and finds a job in real estate, Anthony proposes. The couple marry and Raine becomes pregnant with her first child. Raine feels blessed she has a good life, with a loving husband, a perfect baby, a nice apartment and financial stability. Yet, when Anthony continues to take lengthy trips home to see his family, Raine becomes suspicious. She knows little about his career, or how he earns his money, and she remembers JaDee’s warning when they first met.  Raine follows her husband back to New Jersey to find out the truth, but in doing so she uncovers a whole web of lies, which puts her life, and her family home, the Shaddeau, at risk.

The Story of Raine is a compelling and captivating Christian fiction novel by author Glenda Brown. Set between 1935 and 1969, the story is about a woman who is born into a privileged life, but largely neglected by her parents. It shows how her experiences as a young child and teen, and her relationship with her parents, impacted her later life choices.  As she finds her own independence and marries the man of her dreams, she soon realises that she has been duped.

The novel is easy to read, and hard to put down. It is quite a lengthy novel (at 444 pages), but I was hooked throughout.  I particularly enjoyed the way the author weaved in the presence of storms throughout Raine’s life, from her birth right through to her death. This is a Christian novel, and there are some subtle references to God and Christian values, but this does not overwhelm the story. With a blend of romance, tragedy, mystery and suspense, this book will appeal to readers who enjoy historical fiction, women’s fiction and Christian fiction.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A compelling and captivating Christian fiction novel, that is both easy to read and hard to put down.

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