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Geoff Sease

When We Push Through Sound

Can Tristan find happiness again following a painful divorce?

Tristan James thought he had it all. A loving wife, a happy daughter and a successful career in a top tier investment firm. But all that changed three years ago, when his marriage to his college sweetheart, Sharon, ended, and he experienced a number of setbacks in his career.  Sharon and Tristan share joint custody of their seventeen-year-old daughter, Sara, and Tristan still hopes for a reconciliation with his ex-wife. Over-worked and highly stressed, Tristan makes a series of investment errors and experiences a crisis in confidence in his career. Tristan battles with depression and self-medicates with drugs and alcohol. As he contemplates his future, he considers taking his own life.

In an attempt to shop his way out of depression, Triston buys a BMW 745i. He goes on a number of innocent dates with women he knows from around town, but they never lead to anything more serious. Until one day, Tristan meets Julie, a young aspiring musician in a bagel shop, and goes on a date. He meets another woman at a work event, an advertising executive named Beth, and he feels an immediate connection. But just as Tristan starts to find happiness in his personal life, his work life becomes unmanageable, as a multi-million-dollar investment is at risk of collapse. Tristan is close to the edge, but he is supported by five women, his ex-wife, daughter, lover, friend, and assistant, who refuse to give up on him.

When We Push Through Sound by debut author Geoff Sease, is about a middle-aged man on the verge of a mid-life crisis, following a painful divorce and a number of setbacks in his career. The book follows Tristan’s journey as he struggles with depression and attempts to pull his life back together. But the road to recovery is not easy, and Tristan experiences a number of challenges that push him close to the edge. Tristan is a believable and likeable character, and many readers will relate to his story.

This is a remarkable and heartfelt debut novel from a talented writer with a gift for storytelling. The book will appeal to readers who enjoy romance, realistic fiction and character driven stories. Highly recommended.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A remarkable and heartfelt debut novel about a middle-aged man on the verge of a mid-life crisis.

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