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Genevieve Jenner

Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives

A collection of food inspired short stories, by debut author Genevieve Jenner.

Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives is a delectable collection of thirty-eight short stories, by debut author Genevieve Jenner. This is a diverse collection of fictional stories, with a wide range of characters and settings, but all centered around food and how people interact with food in their everyday lives. The book takes the reader on a culinary journey across different countries and cultures, including stories from England, the deep South, Paris, Jerusalem, and many more. It explores the role that food plays in all of our lives, and the relationships between people and the foods that they share.

The opening story, Dead Dove, explores the weird and wonderful food that people leave in communal fridges in the workplace, and follows two unknown colleagues as they converse anonymously by sharing notes and recipes in the work fridge. I found it hard to find a favourite in this remarkable collection, but as an avid tea drinker I enjoyed An Incomplete Guide to Drinkers of Some Black Teas. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have been known to microwave a cup of Lipton Tea in desperation! Some stories are quite lengthy, others just a few pages long. Jenner discusses a wide range of foods, from Southern flips, borscht, macaroni cheese, chocolate brownies, and even pigeon. Each story serves up generous portions of emotions and memories inspired by our love of food.

This is a unique, imaginative, and funny collection that will appeal to readers who enjoy short stories, foodies, and those who enjoy food inspired stories. With wonderful and colourful characters, intriguing story lines, and mouth-watering recipes, the book invites readers to reflect on their own relationship with food.

A wonderful short story collection and a celebration of food and the impact it has on our everyday lives. I encourage readers to read, eat, repeat!

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A delicious, mouth-watering collection of short stories, inspired by our relationship with food.

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