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DF Kennedy

The Whole Truth

Dahlia Frost returns in this gripping second instalment, by author DF Kennedy.


The Whole Truth is the second book in a series from author DF Kennedy, which follows on where the first book, The Truth, ended. Following her kidnapping in Scotland, pregnant Dahlia returns home to rebuild her life with her fiancé, Roland. Dahlia suspects her stepfather Bob was involved in her kidnapping, and confronts him at his home, threatening to kill him. With Roland away at a movie premier, Dahlia calls her ex-husband, Daniel, for support. There is an altercation at the river, when they find Bob in a boat with her mother, Sylvia.  Bob is reported missing when his boat washes up on the bank, empty. Sylvia is rushed to hospital with a suspected brain bleed, brought on by ongoing health issues, the stress of Bob’s disappearance and recent revelations in Dahlia’s autobiographical novel.  Meanwhile, as Dahlia tries to settle into her new home with Roland, she finds a letter in her mother’s possessions with the real identity of her birth father. When Bob’s dead body is found in the river with a bullet wound, the scene bears an uncanny resemblance to the death of Dahlia’s father, many years ago.


While Roland is away, Daniel visits Dahlia in the hope of a reconciliation. When Dahlia turns down his advances, Daniel threatens to tell the police that she killed Bob, unless she leaves Roland and tells him the baby is not his. Dahlia plays along and attempts to leave Roland, but when Roland’s life is put in danger, she finally reveals the truth. Daniel informs the police and Dahlia is arrested and taken in for questioning. The murder weapon is found with Dahlias fingerprints. The police interrogate Dahlia and review her autobiography, finding a compelling motive for his murder.


The Whole Truth by DF Kennedy is a gripping psychological thriller, loosely based on the authors own experiences. The second book in the series, this novel explores further the relationships between the main characters, and their backstories. This is a captivating novel, with a complex, intricate and well-crafted plot, and well-developed, authentic characters. The book had me gripped from start to finish. There are a number of clues and key pieces of evidence featured throughout the book, but I still have no idea where this book will end! I cannot wait for the next instalment.


Star rating: 5 Stars


Summary: A gripping psychological thriller, with a complex, intricate and well-crafted plot, and well-developed, authentic characters.

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