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Alison Jean Lester

The Sound of It

Two families come together to build their dream home.

Just four months into a relationship, serial entrepreneur Jeremy Markwick-Low and sound engineer, Su Watkins, decide to sell their houses and move in together. Su, a divorcee has one teenage daughter, Caoimhe. Caoimhe uses Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos to help her relax. Jeremy is a widow and has two sons, Ned and Tom. The two families move into a large rental property, while their dream house on farmland outside the city of Worcester is being built. The new house is a beautiful, modern, energy-efficient home, large enough for their blended family. It’s a fresh start for both families, as Su seeks stability and security following her divorce, and Jeremy sees an opportunity to impress his father. The family move into their lavish new home, and as the children adapt to their new family life, Jeremy proposes to Su. Meanwhile, Jeremy’s father buys Tom a gun for hunting.

But as costs of the house build spiral out of control, Jeremy gets further and further into debt, and considers alternative ways to make some quick cash. With just under a week to their wedding, Su checks Jeremy’s laptop to get an update on the family finances and makes a surprising discovery. Su makes the difficult decision to leave the house and takes Caoimhe with her. But as she has no legal responsibility for Ned and Tom, she makes the heart-breaking decision to leave them behind. Will Su ever see the boys she loves so dearly again? Can Su ever forgive her fiancé? And what will happen to the beautiful dream home they built together?

The Sound of It by author Alison Jean Lester is a compelling, modern-day family saga, which examines the unique challenges and complexities faced by blended families. This is a heartrending, and at times disturbing novel, told by Alison Jean Lester with authenticity and compassion. Many readers will relate to the families experiences and will empathise with Su as she discovers the truth about her fiancé.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A compelling and heartrending family saga, about the complexities of modern families, told with authenticity and compassion.

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