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Adam Saint

The Transfer Problem

Adam Saint’s novel explores the future of AI technology and its impact on humanity.

Ethan, a financial analyst at First Global Bank, is undertaking work to optimise financial algorithms, algorithms that enable computers to crunch data and make split-second investment decisions. Ethan’s parents died when he was a child, and he has a fraught relationship with his older brother, Robert. Robert bullied Ethan throughout his life, and they had become estranged in recent years. Robert is a top-notch hacker, whose crimes have resulted in a ban on using technology.

Ethan meets Anna, a Russian citizen and a junior biomathematical researcher, at a university conference and they fall in love. Anna is conducting research, that if successful, would transfer human consciousness into a machine or a computer. Robert reappears, and Ethan introduces him to Anna. Robert persuades Ethan to use the pattern recognition technology that Anna has developed on First Global Bank’s high finance supercomputers. Together, they hatch a plan to make money on the stock market with neural network algorithms. Anna gets a job as a cleaner at Ethan’s bank and starts to integrate her work into First Global Banks systems. Their experiment is a success, but their technology triggers a global financial crash. With the economy in meltdown and society on the brink of collapse, Ethan is forced to go on the run to escape the authorities.The

Transfer Problem by author Adam Saint is a fast-paced, gripping novel, with a blend of AI technology, espionage, and crime thriller. The flight scenes in the opening chapter grabbed my attention, and I found it hard to put this book down. The story does move backwards and forwards in time, which I did find a little confusing at times, but otherwise this was a fascinating story and very easy to read.

This is a well-written, credible and thought-provoking book about runaway AI. It raises important questions about the future of AI technology and its impact on humanity.

Star rating: 5 Stars

Summary: A fast-paced, gripping novel about runaway AI. A fascinating story and hard to put down.

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